We listen closely to our Client's needs while taking into account the parameters and limitations of the site, their budget, and then formulate a solution that meets those needs while maximizing use and flexibility.

We have found that taking a visual approach to presenting solutions allows our Client's to better understand the available solutions, as cost concerns are paramount but curb appeal is  a close second. 


Having over 30 years experience in all aspects of state and local permits allows us to quickly assess the potential impacts of a given Project on a particular site and it's surrounding environment.

We pull together the necessary disciplines to root out any potential "deal breakers" long before any planning dollars are expended. In addition, our transparent, visual based approach allows planners to see a project exactly for what it is, eliminating any potential questions and assumptions.

Whether it be a simple local Zoning Permit, Act 250, wetlands, state stormwater, AOT, lighting, signs, landscaping, etc. we cover the bases. We have yet to be denied a single local or Act 250 permit in our 30 plus year history. 

We have a great rapport with area Contractors and Trades, or working directly with your selected Contractor we can establish a realistic budget and schedule for your project.


On large commercial projects we work closely with lenders and can package any information necessary for their approval process.


We prepare Owner-Contractor Agreements and offer periodic inspections on an as-needed basis to ensure conformance with the Contract Documents and review/approve Contractor Requisitions for Payment.

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